Capri Sunset Wedge Brúnir Dömusandalar

15.990 kr.

Vörunúmer: TB0A1PGVF131 Flokkar: , Merkimiðar: , ,

Soft leathers and a higher heel give this women’s wedge sandal a more sophisticated look and feel. For comfort, we’ve added a bio-foam footbed with a soft synthetic-suede lining plus cork and EVA technology in the midsole.

  • Premium Nubuck Better Leather from a sustainable tannery rates silver for its water, energy and waste management practices
  • Comfy midsole in EVA and cork
  • Bio-foam footbed for comfort and rebound
  • Soft synthetic suede lining
  • Straps and an adjustable buckle closure for a secure fit
  • Rubber outsole for grip
  • Wedge heel height: 8.25cm / 3.25in
Renewbuck® Suede and Nubuck Foam Cleaner
Suede Restorer Brush
Dry Cleaning Kit
Balm Proofer™ All Purpose Protector

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